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Who we are


Rocío González

Board President

Executive Director of Futaleufú Riverkeeper

Tracy Solum

Board Secretary

Community Action Grants Program Officer at Rainforest Action Network

Raghu Raghavan

Board member

Sustainability Manager at University of Missouri

Myra Villella



Konrad Fisher, Director

Konrad has twenty years of advocacy and research experience focused on water, climate, and economic policy. On behalf of Water Climate Trust, Konrad is currently researching the California Reasonable Use Doctrine in partnership with a California law school. During the 2018 UN Climate summit, he provided negotiating text and researched carbon offset projects that harm rivers and displace indigenous people.


Previously, as Executive Director of Klamath Riverkeeper, Konrad oversaw campaigns to un-dam the Klamath River and increase the quantity of water flowing in the Klamath River and its tributaries. Before that, he coordinated a campaign that secured representation for Native American Tribes within California's Integrated Regional Water Management planning process; led the media relations for the Mobilization for Climate Justice; and researched U.N. carbon offset projects in India for Focus on the Global South. Konrad has also been a researcher for an economic policy think tank in Washington D.C. and a writer for U.S. and Central American publications. Konrad’s personal and family history are in the Klamath Basin and upper-Sacramento River watershed. He holds a degree in International Relations & Economics from the University of Oregon.

Philip Albers Jr., Advisor

Phil is the Karuk Tribal TANF Cultural Activities Coordinator. He has worked within the Karuk Tribal community and neighboring communities his whole life. He has facilitated trainings on Cultural Ethics, Cultural Practices and Tribal History for the Klamath River Tribal communities and within academic settings across Northern California and Southern Oregon. Phil has also been a water advocate since 1995 with individuals who formed Water Climate Trust. He has participated in numerous Klamath River advocacy efforts across Oregon and California. Phil graduated from Southern Oregon University with a B.S. in Athletic Training, a Certificate in Native American Studies and a Karuk Language Teaching Credential.

Paul Robert Wolf Wilson, Advisor

Paul is a Klamath & Modoc photographer based in his ancestral homelands of Southern Oregon and Northern California. He uses his imagery to foster visual sovereignty within his tribal community and to center the connections between people, culture, land and water. As chief storyteller for Ríos to Rivers, Paul has worked to build pathways for indigenous youth to strengthen and grow stewardship over their lands and waters through the lens of outdoor recreation. Paul is an Environment, Access, and Diversity (LEAD) Ambassador for Northwest River Supplies (NRS). He has also worked with entities like Patagonia, The North Face, High Country News, and The Washington Post to share stories about river-dependent communities with wider audiences. Paul co-founded the Chiloquin Kayak Club with his sister, Ashia, to bring access to paddling to their tribal community. Paul has actively worked to change policy around dams and endangered rivers worldwide, attending UNFCCC COP events and supporting Indigenous allies.

Paul Kibel, Advisor & contractor 

Paul is a law professor at Golden Gate University School of Law and Natural Resource Counsel at Water & Power Law Group. Paul is an advisor to Water Climate Trust and will co-author a report with Water Climate Trust's Director about the California Reasonable Use Doctrine and Public Trust Doctrine. Water Climate Trust shares its San Francisco office with Water Power Law Group. Water Climate Trust’s Director worked previously with Water Power Law Group to draft provisions in the California Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014 to protect stream and river flows from excessive groundwater pumping.

Ashia Grae Wolf Wilson, 

Student researcher & organizer

Ashia is co-founder and first elected chairperson of the Klamath tribal youth leadership council. She will begin college at University of Oregon in the Fall. Ashia has organized numerous successful events including powwows and a youth summit. Ashia has conducted research at the University of Oregon Special Collections and the National Archives in Seattle, Washington. As an organizer for Klamath Riverkeeper, Ashia developed an upper-Klamath Basin educational tour, a curriculum for youth advocates, and helped co-organize public events. Ashia's interviews have appeared in documentary films and Vanity Fair Magazine

Don Mooney, Advisor & contractor 

Don has practiced environmental and water law for nearly 30 years. He represents national and local environmental organizations throughout California in the areas of water law, land use, and endangered species protection. Since 1991, Don has represented the Owens Valley Committee in its continuing battles with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to protect instream flows in the Owens River. In 1996, Don began working with Konrad Fisher (now Director of Water Climate Trust) to end an unlawful water diversion from a Klamath River tributary that regularly killed endangered juvenile salmon. This work ultimately led to a historic California Water Board hearing in 2018, and a temporary enforcement action by California that stopped an unlawful diversion and prevented salmon and steelhead from being stranded and killed.

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