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The majority of Water Climate Trust’s program work is grant funded. However, we also conduct fee-for-service work that relates to our mission. Our staff and consultants have decades of experience working with universities, non-profit organizations, community associations, and Native American tribes. 

Areas of expertise:

  • Water allocation policy

  • Climate mitigation policy

  • Water and climate negotiations from the local to international levels.

  • Policy research and writing


Our team of staff, consultants and advisors is uniquely positioned to develop and implement solutions to the greatest threats facing our planet – climate change and water scarcity.


Deliverables we can provide:

  • Strategic plans to achieve your goals – includes power analysis, target identification, and methods to influence targets.   

  • Strategic research and writing – includes reports, fact sheets and educational materials.

  • Data analysis and data story-telling.  

  • Policy development.

Campaign outcomes may include water in rivers, decreased emissions, new or improved laws, improved climate treaties, and engagement by new stakeholders. 

Please contact us for a free consultation and evaluation at: or


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